Collaborative robotics market to grow to $1 billion by 2020


“The global collaborative robotics market will grow ten-fold from $100 million today to $1 billion in 2020, claims ABI Research in a study called Collaborative Robotics: State of the Market / State of the Art.”

“ABI says the growth will be fuelled by three key markets: electronics manufacturers and electronics manufacturing services companies; small-to-medium manufacturers; and manufacturers seeking robotic solutions optimized to support agile production methodologies.”

“Collaborative robots – or “cobots” as some call them – are machines designed to work with and assist human beings, rather than work autonomously, as conventional robots do. Crucially, the collaborative robot is said to be “human safe”, meaning any potential accidents where the machine can harm a human is minimized.”

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Date: 07/06/2015
Author: Abdul Montaqim
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