Huntsville Teaching “Smart Jobs” instead of Manual Labor

rethink-roboticsNew “collaborative” robots are taking work away from humans, as you’ll read below. Unless you want to see your city’s unemployment rate rise, you’ll want to take steps to stem the tide. Especially since the best fight-back tactic is something you need to do anyway — namely, retrain your workforce to do “smart” jobs instead of manual labor.  

Want specific suggestions? Follow the links below that explain how Huntsville managed to build the country’s second-largest tech workforce. And when I say “tech” I’m really saying “well-paid.” You know this trend is inevitable. So why not start in earnest now, while you can still gain an advantage over cities that are slow to start retraining? — Jesse Berst

Date: 11/11/2015
Author: Kevin Ebi
Site: Smart Cities Council

How Huntsville is fighting back against job-stealing robots. (Yes, I said robots.)