2016 – The Year of Robot Democratization?


Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is more than a buzzword. With drones taking to the skies and autonomous robots navigating our warehouses, local eateries, hotels, hospitals, and stores, and soon our roadways – the differences between industrial, collaborative, and service robots continue to blur. No longer are robots reserved for multinational conglomerates or the rich eccentric with a sweet tooth for high-tech toys. SMEs and your average homeowner can now join the party. Sensors, software, and hardware are getting smarter and cheaper. We’re democratizing robotics for the masses.”

“Not anymore! Now everyone is jumping into the collaborative pool, including the traditional robotics establishment. Sales are mounting, with predicted stats expected to live up to the hype. The space is dominated by a new breed of power and force limiting robots – often called cobots or co-bots – many of which require little if any safety fencing. But human-robot collaborative operation is also obtainable with higher-payload robots equipped with advanced controllers, sensors, and software that limit their movement to designated safe zones and speeds.”

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Date: 01/23/2016
Author: Tanya M Anandan
Site: www.robotics.org
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