Cobot Evaluation Quiz

Need help deciding which collaborative robot is best for your workplace? Let our quiz help direct you. You will receive a customized report by email.

Base Location Where will your cobot be mounted?
Feedback Does the robot signal for actual conditions? Is force detection needed?
Mobility Will your robot be mounted or mobile?
Multi-Task/Flexibility Do you want your robot to be able to perform multiple applications with simple programming?
Payload What is the total weight your robot will need to carry (include gripper and +20%)?
Programming Do you have a preference on how you will “teach” your robot? Hand-guided? Programming? Demonstration? Ease vs. technical knowledge requirements?
Ratings Will your robot be used indoors, outdoors, dry or wet conditions?
Reach What is the farthest distance your robot will need to “reach” once mounted, including drop-off location?
Repeatability How precise do you need your robot to be when repeating it’s tasks?
Safety Does your application involve risks to humans working alongside robots? See IP Rating Chart
Speed Does your application require a quick acceleration?
Weight Will your robot be stable once mounted and operating?